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ALM 48

ALM 48
ALM 48
ALM 48
ALM 48
ALM 48

ALM48 features
• 2-wire railmount transmitter
• Analogue transmitter
• Available for Pt100 (RTD), thermocouple K,J or T or mV input
• Free scalable
• High accuracy (typical 0.2%)
• Optional zero shift
• Temperature linear output (Pt100 version)
• Voltage linear output (T/C version)
• 5 Year warranty

Order information:

To order specify model

ALM 48-R
Input Pt100

ALM 48-T-K
Input T/C K

ALM 48-T-J
Input T/C J

ALM 48-T-T
Input T/C T

Input mV

Please add -Z suffix to order with zero shift.

Power supply 14 – 40 VDC
Polarity protected Yes
Output 4 – 20 mA
Load capability (V[bat] – 14 V) / 20 mA
Sensor burn out Upscale (max. 35 mA)
Span drift ± 0.010%/°C
Ambient Operating Temp. -20...+80°C
Ingress Protection IP30
Storage Temperature -40...+100°C
Housing Material Polyamide
Housing Dimensions Dia. x H 22.5 x 79 x 85.5 mm (0.89” x 3.11” x 3.37”)
Optional zero shift Pt100 -50 to +350°C
Range -50 to +800°C
Span adjustment Pt100 50 to 800°C
Zero adjustment Pt100 -50 to +50°C
Linearization 0.1%
Sensor lead effect 0.03°C/Ohm
Max. sensor line resistance 250 Ohm
Optional zero shift T/C 0 to +400°C
Range T/C K 0 to 1200°C
Range T/C J 0 to 900°C
Range T/C T 0 to 400°C
Zero adjustment T/C -25 to +50°C
Span adjustment T/C T/C K: 150 to 1200°C T/C J: 150 to 600°C T/C T: 150 to 400°C
Cold junction drift 0.03°C/°C
Max. sensor line resistance 10,000 Ohm
Range 0 to 160 mV
Minimum span 10 mV
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The PC software program is suitable for all microprocessor based transmitters using S-Products' interface for connection to your computer's USB port. You will need to unpack the .zip file first. Please read the readme.1st file included in zip file for installation instructions.